15 yo son girlfriend and cell phone


I have a couple questions (at least), since this is my first time doing this on your site: 1) my 14, almost 15 year old, has been in a serious relationship with a girl (almost 15 year old). My son just started living with me at the beginning of the school year, his mom and I are divorced. I do not approve of him dating at this age, and he knows it. He understands and practices some godly standards, though they kiss, tell each other how much they love each other, that they will marry some day, etc., etc. Also, her family is Mormon, which I is not acceptable I believe since we profess faith in Jesus Christ. I have explained to him the issue of not being unequally yoked if we are followers of Christ; 2) my son's mom has gotten him a smart phone (he's had a cell phone/smart phone for years now)- I do not approve of him having this without filters and parent knowledge of his use of this...which I have not had since his mom is in control of the phone. I have told him that he needs to turn the phone in when I go to bed (which his mom agrees with) and he has complied with this fairly well. Also, as with many teens, he is on his phone a lot...almost addictively, and with his girlfriend a lot...to the point that it has interfered with other important things like reading, school work, time we have together and so on. What do you think? Thank you much!

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