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Mom and Dad not on same page in discipline


Dear Mr. Rosemond, Did you know that you have a younger twin? It's true! He's 45 yrs old & I'm living with him, my husband! :-) I majored in psychology & made all the mistakes. We've adopted 2 children since birth. One is 6 & the other is 4. They have complete respect for him but none for me but that's now changing, hopefully. Thanks to your great insight! I just wanted to confirm that I'm on the right path & ask how long will it take for me to see some + changes with my son who's very curious, very smart & very active? Today, he lost his lunch 4 throwing a fit at 8 am, had time outs, spanked 3 different times for not obeying 1st time & he even picked up toys as requested before eating dinner. Every time he takes a wrong step, there is a painful consequence for him. My husband told me that I need to discipline more painfully, more quickly & more consistently. We are also very loving, affectionate & playful (my weakness). I think I'm finally getting it. Why didn't I listen to my husband who's been telling me everything you share on your CD's? Why did it take me so long to "get this"? Their behavior got so bad that it affected my health & caused so much chaos in our home & my marriage. I thought my husband was too strict & had unrealistic expectations. I was so wrong. Our children are respectful & obedient for others, just not for me. We're attempting to homeschool but I need to get more respect from them if there's going to be any success. I'm so grateful for your passion for helping parents raise responsible adults. Your wisdom has changed my life when I finally started applying it. Thank you so much!

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