Trouble in "Ticket" Land


We have two boys (5 and 7) and taking the advice from last week's question we have implemented the ticket system using the time outs after losing a ticket. Their targeted misbehaviours are, for the the 7 year old- "Refusing to Obey" and "Talking Back". The 5 year old is "Refusing to Obey" and "Calling any family member stupid or dumb".

The 7 year old is doing well on the system and we have seen improvement and he has never lost all 5 tickets in a day.

The 5 year old is having more difficulty keeping the tickets. This is the 2nd day (in 5) that he lost all 5 and he is in his room for the rest of the day. The issue we are having with him is that he gets so angry when he loses all 5 tickets and starts throwing his pillow, blankets, screaming, hitting/ slamming the doors,etc. This is very frustrating to us! We have kicked him out of Eden as much as we can as his room is adjoined with ours so our closet is in his room and he bangs on those doors.

What do we do with this behaviour? Ignore it? Let him make as much noise as he wants? I threatened that he will be in his room all day tomorrow for acting this way-which I know I should not have done.

Any suggestions are appreciated. I am almost finished with the book Well Behaved Child.

Thank you

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