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Husband wants to lead, but doesn't


I am a stepmother to three children. My husband and I believe in traditional roles where the marriage comes first and the man leads the household. My issue - my husband is laid back so I take over the leading of disciplining the kids. He gets upset as he wants to lead. I explain that I woukd prefer that, too, but one can't lead if he is checked out -- in another room, watching the news, occupied with his iphone. The kids need instruction, direction, and consequences. I'm a type "A" personality so I just get things done - homework, lunches, preparation for the next day. We stay on task and on schedule. [The chilldren don't have the benefit of a structured and consistent environment or discipline at their biological mother's home.] Are there articles or advice I could share to nudge my husband in the right direction without creating disharmony? I WANT him to lead, but he has to just do it and stop talking about it. We have had too many disagreements over this and there's got to be a solution that works for us both!!

Thank you in advance!

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