Cling-On Toddler


I have a 15 month old daughter who, from the moment I pick her up from daycare to bedtime, is stuck to me like velcro. She would like to be in my arms or have me playing with her all evening. I'm wondering if this is developmental (i.e. a stage), or if this is a behavior that I'm perpetuating (as my husband tends to think). She has never acted this way with my husband and it's causing a difference of opinion in how to handle it. He believes I should go about my business and completely ignore her (no acknowledgment in any way) when she comes to me asking to be picked up or looking for attention. We've tried this a handful of times, which results in her clinging to me ferociously and sobbing uncontrollably. This feels unnatural and cruel to me but I admit that I feel smothered and am jealous of my husband's ability to walk into the house and get on the computer or even just go to the bathroom, unencumbered by a little person. If she were a bit older, I think I wouldn't struggle so much with it but I question what's appropriate for this stage and, for lack of better words, if I'm being "manipulated" or overly permissive. How should this behavior be handled and what is the right balance in giving attention?

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