I think we have two options


My six year old son has been taking accordion lessons for almost nine months, he loved it and still likes it but about midway into summer he started to not ask as often to as he calls it "STRAP HER ON!!!". It has been two weeks into full day kindergarten and he has not asked at all to STRAP HER ON!!", but will when I tell him it is time to for about fifteen minutes before he catches the school bus and about five minutes after school. He does however play the piano on his own without my telling him and even makes modifications to songs he knows, for fun. The accordion teacher has been pressuring us since his fifth month of lessons to purchase an $800 upgraded accordion, which we now know and believe that he would need to advance in his lessons. My husband and I decided that we did not want to spend the money on the instrument since his interest seems to have faded. When I let my son know that we talked about switching him to piano lessons he was so sad that he almost started to cry. He said that he would like the new accordion and also take piano lessons. We would not go into debt over buying the new instrument but just don't think it is a wise investment right now. I feel sort of sad because of how sad he is about it. I THINK WE HAVE TWO OPTIONS: Stick with our plan, or buy the new accordion and inform him that he HAS TO practice everyday which at this stage might take the fun out of it for him. Do you have any suggestions or advice?

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