Teaching manners and respect to toddler


We are working on teaching our kids manners and trying to teach them to be respectful. They know excuse me, please, thank you, and yes ma’am/sir. Recently when I’ve been feeding them my daughter (2.5) won’t want it but when I eat the bite or give it to her brother she gets mad and yells (while jumping up and down), “Mommy spit it out! That’s mine!” I offer her another bite of the same food but she doesn’t want it. I try to spend some time cuddling both of my kids each day. But sometimes I will be holding my son and she will come over and in a grouchy/whining voice tell me, “He doesn’t want to sit with you! Put him down!” It’s very demanding and disrespectful. My husband and I have told her that it is not nice to talk to Mommy that way and that she is not the boss. Daddy and Mommy are the bosses. Sometimes I have made her go sit on her bed until she can be sweet again. We very much want our kids to have good manners and be respectful and polite. How do we correct this ugly attitude?

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