Scary movie crisis.


My 7 year old son is afraid of a scary movie (Five Nights at Freddie's). Until 11/17, he had only seen the movie poster at a theater and some kids discuss it at school, which scared him enough as it was. On 11/17, at a friends house their child (9yrs) showed him a clip to help him "overcome his fear". I heard my son whimpering so I went in to see what was going on and saw the clip playing and my son shaking in fear burrowed on the floor with his eyes glued to the TV as if frozen. He was literally shaking in fear for about 20 minutes while I got him calmed down. Ever since, he has yet to be able to sleep in his own bed through the night, go anywhere by himself. We have reassured him, explained how it is safe at home, safe with us, to no avail. He will end up in our bed even with many trips back to his bed. We've tried a pallet on the floor of our room. We've done "the doctor says" strategy for early bedtime, but no luck so far. He is terrified, in tears, and afraid. What do we do?

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