Climbing Toddlers


I have two very busy little people (2.5 and 1.5). They are very curious and love to explore but can also be naughty at times. Christmas time will be coming soon and I love to decorate for it. But I’m wondering how to decorate and keep them from tearing everything apart behind my back since I can’t spend all of my time in one room. I’m a housewife and keep busy with laundry, cleaning, cooking, as well as doing part time college on the side. How do I train them to look with their eyes and not with their hands? They both climb a lot so putting things up on a shelf or table is not going to stop them. If it’s too high they will simply find something to use as a step stool and then get the item they want. We have taken away the little chair, the doll high chair, the wagon, the stroller, etc. but they still manage to find something else to help them climb. Because of this I’m scared that all the decorations will be torn down, ornaments will be broken, and the stockings will be plundered.

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