Moving adjustments for teen


Our family has just moved to a new town where we don’t know anyone. My daughter has just started 8th grade. She is quiet/shy at school so it has been hard for her to make friends. I’ve encouraged her to join clubs and get involved in something at school and she says she’s not interested. In our community, they have small youth groups for middle and high school students that meet once a week in the morning before school. The leaders provide leadership, mentorship, and activities to encourage friendship between members of the group. I signed up my daughter for this and she is furious at me. She says she is not social person and doesn’t care about making new friends and is refusing to go when it starts next week. She has anxiety and I think she is just very anxious about being around people she doesn’t know and not fitting in. Can I make her do this or will it make it worse? This is the type of thing that she use to enjoy where we used to live.
Thank you!

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