How to Implement Chores With Young Children


Do you have any recommendations on what tasks that my 3 and 5-year-old can do and how to implement the routine of doing these tasks efficiently? I think they are old enough to start doing small, regular tasks, but I'm not good at holding them to it because it's faster for me to do them.


You are correct when you say it is quicker to do it yourself, however, you are setting yourself up for frustration in the future. In general, a five-year-old can do three or four different chores, and a three-year-old can manage two different chores.

For the five-year-old, start with cleaning his room and making the bed. Show him how you want him to accomplish the task, then allow him to do it in front of you. Make corrections if you need to. When he has mastered the room, start adding other small tasks, such as taking out the trash, setting the table for dinner, clearing the table, and loading the dishwasher.

For the three-year-old, start by having him pick up his toys after playing with them. Remember to use the same pattern as you did with your five-year-old. When he has mastered picking up his toys, add another small, easy task, such as feeding the dog.

Lead by staying ahead of the curve. Once they have mastered a chore, spot-check quietly every so often and make corrections or compliment them when necessary. Be persistent in your expectations; it will pay dividends in the future.

Tim Bonzagni
Pastor/Certified Parent Coach
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