2 YO having occasional accidents


We began potty training our daughter (2yr) when she was 16 months old. Now a year later she can take herself to the bathroom and sometimes stays dry all day. Other times she has accidents but I think that some of them might be on purpose. She only wears underwear when she’s up, even on long road trips other than she wears diapers for naps/bedtime and a swim diaper when she is in the pool. I feel like she has the idea down and sometimes we will go for a long time without accidents but then suddenly she will have a few bad days with lots of accidents. How do I get her to become completely accident free? How do I get her to the point that we don’t have to do diapers at night? I have tried hard to follow the potty training book that John wrote but I feel like I’m missing something or doing something wrong because she’s not having 100% success. I’m ready to be done potty training her, especially since I will need to begin training her little brother (he’s about 15 months now) before long.

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