How to Get a Child to Understand the Value of Things


How do you go about your child working off a debt?

Our 6-year-old has an old iPhone that he uses like an iPod. it basically only has music on it (and he loves music). He changed the passcode, forgot it, and we had to get it fixed, costing $30. I want him to understand the value of that $30, so I told him for every chore he helps me with, it's $1 off the amount. Every time he puts away clothes, or unloads the dishwasher, or cleans a mirror with Windex, it's worth $1 each task. He's proud of the "work" and is getting closer to getting his "Music Phone" back, but my husband and I also think chores are a way of life and he shouldn't be "rewarded" for it. How else can we get him to understand the value of paying for what he's broken? We don't really do an allowance or even regular chores, which is a problem, but I want him to be more helpful around the house. Thank you.

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