2-Year-Old Would Rather Play Than Eat


We need help with meal time, breakfast seems to be the worst. We have two girls ages 4.5 and 2. Every day I make breakfast and the girls sit down to eat. Breakfast usually starts well, and I’m able to clean up. But then the girls talk/play, they do anything BUT eat their food. I tell them, “Girls, stop talking, eat your breakfast.” My oldest does better, it’s my 2-year old that nearly refuses to eat. I’ve started putting less food on her plate, but so far that hasn’t helped. When she yells “No!” after I tell her “Eat your breakfast,” I’ve removed her from the table and put her in her room. She screams for a few minutes and comes back out. I ask her, “Are you ready to finish your breakfast?” (maybe I shouldn’t ask her), but I get her back to the table, and she talks/plays again. We tell her, “eat your breakfast” again, she says, “No!” again. Vicious cycle. We don’t waste food here, the expectation is you eat what’s on your plate. But our 2-year old fights us many meals. Please help!

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