Our middle son, age 7, has been a challenge since he was a baby. We met a few years ago with a John Rosemond Parent coach about him and it was helpful, but we still have some areas where we struggle.
He is extremely emotional. He can be our absolute sweetest and most fun child, but he also is EASILY bothered by his brothers, whines, demands and sometimes is sometimes physically aggressive with me and with our other kids, much more than our other children. As the primary caregiver, I struggle with feeling really irritated by him which I'm sure he senses.
He is fine at school and other settings, but is primarily displaying these behaviors with me at home.
To be honest, consequences are hard to enforce because he flies off the handle. Delayed consequences have been easier to enforce because he is less emotional, but I am not as consistent with these.
Please advise as to where to start to reduce and eliminate these behaviors.

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