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We started potty training our 17-month old daughter last week, and we are on day 9. Yesterday she had 24 successes and 7 accidents for pee, but she is still pooping only on the floor. Today she is about 50/50 success and accidents. We are using the potty bell and the gate. My question is about the frequency of her pees. She pees around 30-40x a day! I hate to stop training since she is definitely getting the hang of it, but I also don’t want to make us both crazy setting the potty bell to 15 minutes all day! If I increase the length of time though she pees on the floor. Sometimes she does not have to pee at the 15 minute mark when she tried, but about 75% of the time she is able to pee enough to cover the bottom of the little potty after 15 minutes or less (sometimes after only 8-10 minutes!) Did we start too early? Should we try again in a few months? Can we expect her to increase how long she can hold it, and if so how long does that take? Thank you!

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