Try This to Quell Daughter’s Anxiety


My 6-year-old daughter has developed strong anxiety in the last three months. At the end of the school year, she was anxious (to the point of tears) about her end of year tests. Now, during summer break, she has begun to experience headaches most days. The more she thinks and stresses about them, the worse they get. Then, she starts worrying about having headaches for the rest of her life, and the anxiety just keeps getting worse. I’ve asked her if something happened that has made her anxious about everything. I have talked to her about trying to manage her headaches, and we’ve even told her we can’t give her Motrin every day because that’s not good for her, either. We are at our wits end and just need some guidance on how to handle this. I do not believe there is any actual medical condition causing her to get headaches.

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