Teaching Child to Dress/Undress Helps With Potty Training


Hello, we've hit a plateau with potty training. Our 2yr old is accident free when her pants off (thanks to John's method). Introducing underwear and pants is the next step we're having issues with. She seems indifferent to pulling them down and doesn't seem to mind the wetness. We see the signs when it's go time, encourage her, but still end up pulling them down. Any suggestions? Thank you.


Thank you for reaching out to Parent Guru, and congratulations on heading in the right direction with potty training.

Some kids are focused on one element of the potty training (peeing in the potty) and haven’t mastered everything it encompasses (pulling down clothing; in time). Does your daughter dress and/or undress herself at any point in the day? As in, putting her all day clothes on or play clothes or pajamas. I pose this question because if she is not doing much effort in this area that could be a reason why she is indifferent to pulling them down when it is time to sit on the potty. She doesn’t know how or what to do or it’s difficult. Teach her how to dress/undress for the day/bedtime. Helping her in this area will help when it comes to doing the same thing with potty training (pulling underwear and pants down/up). In the meantime, keep helping her. When she initiates going to potty, you follow just to help with pulling down her clothing and depart. One future tip: do not get upset if she completely takes off her underwear and pants to sit on the potty. Just help her if need be to get them back on or turning right side in. Remember she is learning all of this and it takes time. Also, understand for some children putting on and/or taking off clothes is difficult to maneuver (it is okay to help). Lastly, paying attention to the type of clothing that is on her is important, you want to make it so that she is successful and you don’t get frustrated.

Stay encouraged we are rooting for you. Reach back out if you have any more questions. We are here to help.

Amy Timberlake
Certified Leadership Parenting Coach

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