Toddler Bed transition


22-month old won’t go to bed. We started potty training at 21-months and transitioned to a toddler bed so she could use a potty in her room if needed. First, before she falls asleep, she sometimes pees in her bed (has an accident). It’s strange because during the day she rarely has pee accidents. She sometimes pees on the potty after we put her to bed. I don’t know why she’s started peeing in her bed when she’s still awake. Second, she won’t go to bed. We’ve kept her bedtime routine the same. But now she has access to her entire room, she explores and plays. We can’t relax because she might pee on the potty and dump it over, or have a poop accident on the floor. I think I’ve heard it said, “You can’t force a child to sleep.” But we are at our wits end. She often stays up past 9pm and her normal bedtime is 7:30-8pm. Before potty training, we didn’t care if she stayed awake in her crib. But she was in a diaper and self-contained. Now, she can roam and pee/poop everywhere. Please help.

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