13YO Thinks She's All That and A Bag of Chips


My 13 year old has been very mean to her sisters for a while now. She is very smart and quick witted. She is constantly talking down to her sisters, belittling them and making one of them cry. We have talk to her over and over about the mean and condescending things she says. She always says she will be nicer, but within a day or less, she starts being mean again. All three of my children bicker and argue, but she takes it to a different level. I can't tell if she is trying to be cute or funny, but it's really stressing me out. She keeps telling us that she is the greatest and smartest person in the house. Recently, she has started to roll her eyes and be disrespectful to her dad and I, especially me. Also, when she does her chores or anything she isn't interested in, she puts in the least effort possible. She used to be so sweet, I dont know what happened. Her dad and I try to be very nice and fair, I don't know where this mean behavior is coming from or how to correct it.

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