Boy is Dr. Jeckyl Sometimes, Mr. Hyde at Others


I have a 10 year old son, who when at school is completely shy and reserved to the teachers concern. At home around his siblings, especially his older brother (12yo), he is a different kid. Talking, laughing, joking etc. He is very close with his older brother, who tends to be his safety blanket.


Your son's social personality is still forming. For him to have different "personalities" in different environments is nothing to be concerned about. Maybe I'm missing something here, but him being shy and reserved at school should not be a concern. That describes me at his age and I'm anything but today. Can't you tell? If his school performance, academically, is below par, THAT might be a cause for concern, but not being shy and reserved, especially given that he is outgoing with his siblings. He feels more secure with them is all. As time goes on, he will feel more secure with greater numbers of people. Research finds that shy children are rarely still shy by the time they reach their twenties. Stop worrying! I insist upon it!


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