Some allegations that my daughter made about me to her school counselor and obviously and the allegations that were given to me in the report it states that my children’s father was coaching them. I’m at a standstill because we are going on three years divorce and every year it seems like he just gets more and more on me about everything. I am always being watched or under an eye wether him or my kids. It’s like I’ll discipline my children and I get lashed back at it and then if I don’t discipline them I get lash back from it. I know my oldest daughter works both sides of the spectrum. I have discovered this, because the counselors have said that before, but as a mother, I shouldn’t feel like I have to stand on eggshells around my own children because I’m afraid of if I spank them or I’d take something away they’re going to run to their dad and then he makes it out for me to be the bad guy and I’m OK with that but it’s ultimately hurting them and I’m just and at my wits end.

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