We have a 2-year-old that refuses to listen and his favorite answer is no. For example, just this morning I was trying to get him ready to go to daycare and I asked him to sit down so I could change his diaper and of course, he said no. I said, "I need to change your diaper and your clothes for school." His only response is ever no and then it involves chasing him until I can catch him. I also have a lot of trouble getting him to sit down in his car seat a lot of times. He is stronger than me at times and I have had to just give up when trying to get him to go in the car before. I am just not sure how to handle this without bribing, which doesn't usually even work and is obviously not the way to solve the issue. I know that this is typical 2-year-old behavior but I am hoping there is some sort of method I can implement to help correct this issue.

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