As a kid, my dad & older brothers drank. My mom didn't, but allowed it. I started drinking at 17. My brothers smoke marijuana.I quit drinking at 28. I will occ. have a glass of wine, but not around my kids. My husband's parents didn't drink/use marijuana. He doesn't either, never has. We have 3 girls (11, 12, 12), who we don't want around drugs/alcohol. My sibs have kids 17 and up. They let their kids drink/smoke marijuana and will do it with them. I want a different life for mine. I've been dodging this issue with my family, but my kids are getting older,more observant/curious. I've tried to stay away when they're in town, but get pressure from them to visit, they get mad. I've tried coming alone, but this upsets my mom. She wants my kids there. She doesn't agree with my sibs behavior, but wont say anything to them. I tell her I want to protect my kids, but no support. When I text my sibs to tell them how I feel, they ignore me. Am I wrong to keep my kids away? They think I'm overreacting.

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