Toilet Training Takes Time


Hello, we started potty training our 17 1/2 month old 9 days ago. Some progress but not much, we ask where pee pee and poopoo go and she points to the potty. She seems to go into a corner, but not always, so she feels it when it's time. She does sit but not long enough, 1 or 2 seconds. She has yet to initiate going to the potty when she feels it. Although yesterday we did come into the room and there some poop on the floor, but also one in the potty. I've read John's book on training and feel like we're doing all he recommends, but perhaps a little too "hovery" at times. She has soiled herself a couple times at the breakfast table so she doesn't seem to mind feeling wet. She does at times get mad at the potty and try put it over the baby gate ( frustrated?). She is dry miraculously at night, but is most reluctant in the morning to sitting on the potty. Is this normal should we try a different approach or just stick with the system? Sorry for the wordiness.


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