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My son, who turned 8 today…has something interesting going on. I have zero experience with male children. A few days ago, he left from the kitchen where I was preparing breakfast to get dressed. After he didn’t return timely and breakfast was ready…I went to the bedroom to call him. I found the bedroom door shut. When I walked in, he was standing beside the bed, pajama shirt on but pajama pants off….he had an erection I noticed. I said, Child…your breakfast is ready… he seemed a little embarrassed and I didn’t say anything except, what are you doing? He did not answer. I did not push the issue, I said , it’s time for breakfast, will you please get dressed and come eat your food while it’s hot. Ok, I get it, he has discovered his penis does something other than urinate…but what I don’t know is how to handle this and if this is normal. Obviously it’s time for me to learn what is “normal” and abnormal behaviors with male children. Can you recommend any books, articles, etc?

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