Grandparents- respect parents' directives.


My almost 4 year old grandson and I love pretending to be superheroes, villians, Disney characters and made up characters when he is at my house. He has repeatedly asked for a Wicked Witch of the West Halloween costume, to use at my house. He has also expressed interest in being Snow White and Maleficient --- all female characters. Redirecting his interest to traditional male characters in these stories holds no draw for him. His parents repeatedly say those are "girls clothes, not for boys and you are a boy". We "make do" with sheets and homemade items, but he wants the sparkles of the store bought costumes, even nixing a sparkly wand! I think if the parents stop making a big deal about it and let him PLAY, he will move on to the next superhero. They are afraid he is heading towards a gender identity issue at the least or becoming a fullblown gay man. I've asked them to look at their values, asking if they will love him any less if those things do happen. Answer: Of course they will still love him just as much, but his life will be "harder" if these confusions are allowed. Help!

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