Should We Let Newborn "Cry It Out"?


We are new parents of a three-week old girl. As we've been reading the "New Parent Power!," we've been focusing on "Part 2," which gives guidance for the stages. For infants, it seems that John recommends not letting them cry it out but addressing agitated crying promptly. However, many people in our church, who are now grandparents, are telling us that we should let her cry it out early to break her of an excessive need for attention. They claim they did this with their children, and they turned out fine. I am perfectly fine with doing this (especially because she is usually sleeping barely an hour at a time right now), but I want to be informed of all the factors before trying it at this stage. So, should my wife and I let our three-week old cry it out? If not, at what age would it be appropriate to try this?

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