8-Year-Old Ruling the Roost (Follow-up)


Okay in regards to my prior question. I purchased the book. Thank you. Can you please tell me some examples of what you mean right now so I can start turning the tables ASAP! Instead of waiting for the book. Here is ione example of what I did today and what I usually do in similar circumstances.

She was being a real jerk to her sister and her classmate who was liver for a play date. I asked her multiple times to stop tormenting them. She finally kicked a soccer ball at the girl who was over for a play date and hit her. She wasn’t hurt but was startled and it was intentional. That was the final straw. I told her to go inside, she wouldn’t. So I carried her in, she came back out, so I brought her back in and stayed there with her for 30 minutes or so as a sort of time out. IS this what you mean?

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