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My son (2.5 years old) had been going through what I assume is a sleep regression for approximately 6 months. The pediatrician basically said I’ll just have to hang tight through it. I, his mother, am seriously struggling in almost every area of life from a lack of sleep for months and while he seems fine or unbothered I know he needs sleep as well.

From the time we transitioned him as a baby from a bassinet in our room to a crib in his own room (I think at 6 months) he has had the same bedtime routine and he has gone to sleep and slept all night until 6 months ago. He was transitioned into a toddler bed about 7 months ago and did fine sleeping it in. Our bedtime routine (no tv after 6:30pm, bath, bed at 7:30pm with a story, rocking with songs, and prayers before) had never changed and he takes a two hour nap (12-2pm) each day. He normally will fall asleep and then proceed to either wake up 10+ times a night coming out of his room as well as even if he does sleep he is waking up at 3-4am to start the day. Sometimes he also will take hours to fall asleep once woken or he’s also sometimes never gone back to sleep from like 11pm or 2am.

Previously we had tried to rock and pat him to help him fall asleep, but that was harder on us all. Now when he comes to the door I lead him back to his bed and say something along the lines of “You’re safe and need some sleep. It’s still bedtime. I love you and I’ll see you in the morning.” We also got a time to rise clock that stays one color while he should stay in his room (it is not bright at all) and changes to another color when he can get up. He somewhat understands the concept I think, but if he does it doesn’t work. He has also slept with a sound machine and a not really bright nightlight.

I’ll take any and all advice as we are struggling after months and months of this schedule.

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