Bedtime and night waking potty breaks


28 month old daughter bedtime routine and waking at night.

Our 3rd child, who is 28 months recently started climbing (and falling) out of her crib, so we moved her to a toddler bed a little sooner than planned. She is fully daytime potty trained. She has mostly quit napping, but we still have her in her room for quiet time. Our bedtime routine is basically dinner, bath, last potty, books, bedtime. However, while sitting on the potty (before bed) she has taken to relentlessly asking for some of her stuffed animals, blankets, water, etc. Providing any of these items usually leads to asking for more. Not providing them almost certainly ends in a full blown uncontrollable meltdown.

Once she is tucked in to bed and lights are out, several nights a week she will loudly shout she needs to go potty again. (she does wear a pull up to bed). Half the time we take her and she doesn't/can't/won't? go; the other times she does. Where we are really at a loss is that she will now wake in the middle of the night and come out of her room for water or to go potty. While sitting on the potty she is so out of it (not awake) that it seems clear she has no idea what is going on. Most of these night time interactions lead to her asking (yelling and crying) for her things. No matter what we say to her or even if we get them, she will just keep asking for them (or more). Sometimes, even when she doesn't ask for them and she is siting quietly on the potty in the middle of the night and its been 10 minutes we will take her off and she will have a screaming melt down saying she needs to go. Not really sure what to do here as she is so out of it, we're not really sure she even comprehends us in these moments.

Thank you!

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