Decisions have consequences


Our nine year old daughter has recently made a string of bad decisions. Yesterday, we found a substantial chunk of wood missing from our sofa table. We assumed our toddler twins were just playing too rough around it and somehow cracked a long splinter of wood off the surface. However, we later noticed that the same damage was also on our display cabinet, entry bench, ottoman tray, and our lower kitchen cabinets. We learned she had discovered the potato skin peeler had multiple uses.... Then today, we walked into the room as she had just pinched our two year old son because (in her justification) he had found one of her shoes on the floor and picked it up (she resents the twins getting into her things). She knows she's in trouble, however, we have yet to decide on proper punishments for her behavior. What would be the best course of action to deter her from doing these things?

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