We are doing N75 with our 19-month old boy and just started our third week. It seems to be one step forward, seven steps back. He refuses to sit on the potty, but will consent to urinate in it standing up if we put it there in front of him. He tells us when he has to poop but will not sit on the potty for it. I try to put him on the potty and he fights. He will hold it until he is back on the floor and poops standing up--right next to the toilet! The good news is that he stays dry during naps and at night for the most part, and when he wakes up it's because he has to pee (even though he has a pull-up on, he wakes up and doesn't go in it most of the time). To keep the mess confined, we are doing the bell and gate in the kitchen, and he hates it (we just started the gate today). My husband and I maintain the 5 C's but the boy flips out anyhow. I'm prepared to stay the course and spend my summer doing this BUT we are going on a road trip in two weeks and I am afraid he will not be ready by then, or it will blow up any progress made. Suggestions?

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