Too Much?


I have two daughters, ages 9 and 11. I have noticed that they have a short attention span when it comes to their free-time activities. For example, they may play with Legos for 20 minutes and then move on to drawing for the same amount of time and then on to something else. I'm also concerned with their lack of interest in reading. I am concerned because I remember being a very different child at their age. I read chapter books for enjoyment, and I played with Barbie's (my only toy option) or played outside for hours. I watched an hour or so of afternoon cartoons after school each day.

My thoughts are perhaps too much TV time or video game time. They get two hours of video game time each week (1 hour each but they play together). They watch an hour of cartoons in the morning which amounts to 7 hours of TV a week. This totals 9 hours of screen time. I will gladly take away any amount of this screen time if it will improve their attention spans. Another thought is perhaps too many toys.

Thank you for your help!

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