Parent Worried About Autism


4-year old, dad not involved since his birth. 8 months ago my child saw a video about pregnant ladies and since then he pretends to be pregnant. he knows he is a boy and that cannot happen but then he says he is pretending to be fat. The same boy also is obsessed with sheep and all his imaginary plays and stories are around sheep and if he is in his room or playing, all his play is about baba black sheep. this started 8 months ago. In preschool no concern. the same boy will also repeat a question example, he asked his doctor to fill a glove with air for him, and then when he did, he asked the doctor did you fill it, even though he saw him filling it. he was a late talker at 25 months but we are a multilingual family. otherwise, he is social and smart and remembers things from when he was 3 years old. should I be worried about Autism spectrum? Thank you

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