What's a Grandma to Do?


Hello. I raised my now 35-year-old son using John Rosemond’s methods, and he turned out great! Much to my dismay, however, he and his wife are not interested in raising their sons, 5 and 7, with the same discipline, and the boys’ behavior is getting worse and worse. My son and the boys visit every Sunday for play and supper, and while it’s the highlight of my week, I often become frustrated and short-tempered especially when the boys fight and squabble the whole time. The underlying problem is that they do not mind their parents. My policy has been that I discipline when I have them alone, but I let my son handle it when he is present. The boys give me no trouble at all when the parents are not there. Is it appropriate for me to be in charge whenever they’re under my roof, or should I stay out of it at home when a parent is present?

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