"Parents cannot effectively communicate their love to a child unless they are also a source of effective authority. "

Creating a Gratitude Attitude


My son is generally a good eater and has got out of bad behaviour when it comes to the food he is given because
He doesn’t have to eat if he doesn’t want to, but he is not allowed to give his opinion (if negative), but he knows he will not be allowed to eat anything else until he has eaten the prepared meal.
However, the manners are still lacking when it comes to thanking me for cooking and I have to remind him to thank me. We do not eat out regularly but I would like this habit instilled so that when we do, he can thank the person who cooked if we are at somebody’s home or waitress at the restaurant without being prompted.
I am a single parent so I don’t have another adult to role play with or set an example with as easily.

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