"A child without rules is like a fish out of water. "

Being Disrespectful is Worse than Rap Music


My 16 year old son listens to rap & when we realized it was explicit, we put controls on his phone. He still listens to some very negative stuff. He has always been very strong willed & is especially disrespectful to me.
My younger daughter is also showing interest in this type of music. He has purchased a sweatshirt & t-shirt of 2 different artists. My daughter also purchased a sweatshirt of another rap artist. Before they purchased these items I told them on two different occasions we don’t wear & promote these artists or profane music.
How should I handle? I would like to take the shirts from them. They purchased with their money knowing I told them no. We are a Christian family, homeschool & Christian school. Unfortunately, the culture is very attractive to teens.

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