Toilet training day 3


We toilet trained our oldest at 28 months in two weeks using N75. Now years later, we are on day 3 of N75 with our boy/girl twins who are 20 months old, and I'm already projecting this is going to take longer than two weeks.

We're having them sit on their potties in 15 minute intervals for about 5 minutes or until they get up themselves. Our daughter has already established a dislike for soiling herself and is making progress. Our son, however, will wet his undies and then proceed as normal. We either find a puddle somewhere or notice his undies are wet, at which point we sit him on the potty. We've tried having him sit for extended periods of time and changing time intervals for when they're expected to sit to (hopefully) catch his release in the potty. What would you recommend or suggest changing to help him progress and experience a dry-undie life sooner?

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