Prepare HS Senior or Repair College Freshman?


My son is a high school senior. He is a good kid, volunteers in the community and helps out around the home, doesn't drink or do drugs, respectful, etc. His grades have been mostly A's with a couple of B's.

I admit that I have been a mom who has been too attached to his grades and the Parent Portal. This year I told him that I will only be looking at his report cards. I would only get involved if he asked me but expected him to advocate for himself. He will be in college next year and this is training for his future.

He informed me today that he may have a D (or F) on his 9-week report card. (This grade is more a "progress report" as semester grades are what goes on the transcript.) I suspect that it is due to effort more than anything. He has always gotten his homework done but his test studying skills have been lacking.

I am torn on how to react to this grade (or any others that may be below a C). Should I enact consequences of some form? Take away electronics (he is an avid user)? Make him quit part-time job? Or just make him face the natural consequences. He has already been accepted to college and knows that can be rescinded if grades decline.

At this stage in his academic game what does a parent do?

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