Parenting differences after divorce.


I’m sad to hear my son has come from his Dads house talking about black magic, spirits, ghosts and watching the Simpsons movie. He is 7 and his innocence is being taken away and these things are not part of my home family values.
His Dad also recently asked if he could have my son on my weekend with him so he could attend a Halloween party. I said no we are busy. What followed was the behaviour of an undisciplined child who cannot take no for an answer trying to bribe me, guilt me and say “it’s because your a Christian now and believe in all that rubbish.” I chose to ignore and said no we are busy.

I’ve come to accept I have no control over what happens at his Dads house and there is no point discussing anything with his Dad because because his Dad will do it more to annoy me, hence this weekends spooky activities. While I am upset and worried for my child’s spiritual life, I’ve learnt to just control what I can at home but what I feel like I will not accept is the spooky pretend play and talk in my home. His Dad has also said nasty things about me to my son regarding this and has tried to turn him against me.

I’ve explained to my son why we don’t celebrate Halloween and only celebrate life, light things that are lovely and kind without going into a huge theological debate.

Could you please advice me on how I should continue to handle these issues in my own home in the most effective way possible? I am worried my son will resent me and rebel. I keep telling myself I am a parent and not a friend and If my child likes everything I do, then I’m not doing my job properly.

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