A Fine Whine?


Looking for help for whining for our 28mo.
We have tried saying "that's whining. We can't hear whining. Use your happy voice." and even the raising eyebrows suggestion, for the last 7 or so months with no real change.
The whining is repetitive, often multiple repetitions of the same sentence all whined even after we have said the above, and all throughout the day.
It is worse when he needs to use the potty, but we are aware of this based on time since last went.
As a bit of background, we successfully toilet trained at 18 months (with potty bell, & gate when the potty bell went off to keep him on the potty rather than running off - this was successful within 3 weeks if that's any help to anyone's toddler who won't sit for the potty!). We have also contained hitting, biting and kicking, and the occasional tantrum. All with Making the terrible twos terrific and Toilet training without tantrums, which we have read multiple times - great books, thanks!
His memory and speech are both quite good, and he can definitely remember some things even after a sleep. He remembers instructions we have given previously eg if we go to the store he says "hold Mum's hand in the store".
We would like to work on other issues that crop up, but feel a bit stuck with this one and don't want to bite off more than we can chew. Is it just something we have to live with until he's a bit older, and keep doing what we are doing? Or would we be better off using the "whistle and time out" method in the book with the picture of the infraction? Or option C?

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