Curing the Bedtime Blues


Our almost 2.5-year-old daughter started to refuse to go to sleep. She doesn’t take naps at home anymore (only at daycare) and was fully sleep trained before age one. It all started with her requests to go to the potty up to 8 times in a row (she is now fully trained with no accidents) and then she would just scream and cry when I would come out of the room. I tried to leave her the nightlight, but that didn’t make any difference; opened door - still the same reaction; or just leave her to cry, which just made her scream and cry even more.

So now she falls asleep with me being on the floor next to her bed, which can take up to two hours depending on how tired she is. She is also extra attached to me in the past months. Have I created a bad habit or is it a phase? I want my evenings back!

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