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My daughter is 17, a good student, and active in extracurricular activities. Her teachers often say what a pleasure she is to have in their class. Her mother and I split almost two years ago and we have joint custody. We’ve always had a good relationship, albeit with various ups and downs over the years. Over the past month, she has completely freezed me out and minimizes communication with me. She doesn’t say anything overtly rude, she just gives me one-word answers, avoids me, texts me when she wants something (e.g. dinner, use of the car), and doesn’t want to talk to me. This is because of 2 reasons, according to her: 1) I’m in a serious relationship with a woman who lives across the country and I told her, after she asked, that after she graduates high school and goes away to college, I will be moving to be with my girlfriend (she says that it feels like I’m abandoning her), and 2) we are on different sides of the political aisle and she says that my opinions disturb her. I don’t know what proportion is attributable to each cause. I’ve tried showing her empathy, reassuring her about my devotion to her, my plans for visits, regular communication, summer vacations, etc., but she has not responded to any of my overtures and remains extremely distant and sullen around me. She has met my girlfriend and gets along fine with her. Any guidance on navigating this situation?

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