"A child who can't take "no" for an answer always has parents who can't say it and mean it. "

When Mom Makes a Mistake


What is the best way to recover after making a mistake?

For instance, if 3 children are very close in age, and you punish the wrong child for something you later find out their sibling had done.


Thanks for the question as every parent has this in common, they are flawed and quite human. I like your question especially since its answer helps everyone in the family grow. First, failing is part of the human experience and accepting that fact is a good lesson for our children. Second, children forgive easily when we do blow it. Lastly, how many memories do you have from your childhood? Children forget our mistakes far sooner than we do. That being said, I would simply say something, “ Yes, Mom got it wrong this time and I will probably get it wrong again. We will just do better next time.” Try not to be dramatic with this in front of your children. They need strong solid leadership who can admit their mistakes and move on. The guilt you may feel is something you can deal with privately. For their benefit keep it simple. “Everyone makes mistakes and we are moving on and going to do better.” This sets a good example for them when they mess up. They will know it is ok to try again and learn from our mistakes. (And if they harped on its not fair, you can tell them they probably got away with something you missed.)

Hope that helps,
Nadine Knapp
Certified Parenting Coach

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