ADHD: Fact and Fiction


My 19 year old daughter recently started seeing a counselor (not psychologist). After about 4 or 5 phone consultations, (phone only due to the COVID situation) the counselor tells us that our daughter has ADHD. We had originally looked for someone who could be a sounding board for our daughter and help her sort through some issues without going all medical and diagnosing. (This person's website had seemed to imply that that was her approach.) We were not expecting this diagnosis nor do we accept it. I think I know John's stance on ADHD. My greater concern now is finding someone who can help my daughter without saddling her with that label for the rest of her life or, God forbid, get her on a lifetime routine of medications to "treat" it. (The latter hasn't happened but that's a concern if we continue with the current person.) We don't have any experience with the mental health community - how would you recommend that we find someone who qualified, practical (ideally spiritual too) who can help her cope with her fears and anxieties through practical ways rather than telling us about her "ADHD brain"? What should I look for or maybe where should I look? Thank you for any help you can provide!!

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