Same bedtime for the children


Our 4 year old, and 20 month year old boys share a room. We want to do the 5 minute check in with our 20 month old to get him to sleep in his crib, and not in our bed. However, the 4 year old who the 20 month old shares a room with will keep him awake, and will not tolerate the screaming from the 20 month year old. There is no where else for our 4 year old to sleep, but in our room, so we can try and get out 20 month old to sleep in his crib. Then when we take our 4 year old back to sleep in their shared room, he will make noise and be upset and wake up our 20 month old. Then they both are awake. What is the remedy to this problem, to get them both to sleep in their shared room at the same time? Thanks!

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