6 Strikes in 1 At-bat


Hi John, my 9yr old daughter has taken to raising her voice, screaming, arguing, sarcasm and just downright disrespect when things aren't going her way. We have a target misbehavior chart and she can easily get 6 strikes within a tantrum - focuses on yelling, doing as you're told and harmful behaviour(this last one is probably redundant). I am in the process of cleaning out her room for a lockdown when she gets home. During the tantrum she very much becomes the victim - it's not fair, everyone always takes, no-one ever does anything for me, etc... And then becomes sorry. One thing she always does is question what she has done - we always say it's the disrespect and how she is talking, but she doesn't seem to understand this??? Am I on the right track? What else can I do? I'm feeling quite deflated, upset and not sure of myself. Thanks ☹️

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