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Maintaining Your Own Identity



My family (my husband and I) have the opportunity for me to leave the workforce for a few years to stay home with our 5 year old and 1 year old twins. While I am thrilled to have this opportunity, part of me is struggling with taking a break from my career. I currently work 20 hours a week as an accountant. If I decide to stay at home, how do I maintain my own identity outside of my kids?


Hello Mom,
Thank you for your question.Taking a break from your career or not is really a personal decision, but I can tell you something meaningful about maintaining your identity. Being a staying at home mom does not mean you are becoming a mom only, not at all.

The golden hint is: keep your marriage first! Work in the function of husband and wife primarily. That same hint remains if you decide not to leave the workforce. Have someone watch the kids once a week and go out with your husband. Couple trips without the kids are also highly recommended.

Reminders concerning the kids: you do not have to entertain your kids all the time. They must learn how to entertain themselves, playing alone or with each other. Probably your 5-year-old one does not take a nap in the afternoon anymore, but he also must take some resting time in his room. He is not obligated to go down to sleep, but he may remain there. That means time for you on your own or in the company of other adults, as you will.

“The New Six-Point Plan For Raising Happy, Healthy Children” can be very helpful for you at this moment. Happy and healthy children have happy and healthy parents, either at the workforce or staying at home.

Denise Rohrer
Certified Leadership Parenting Coach

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