Toddler Tests the Limits


My son is 11 months old today. When I tell him not to touch something, he will almost immediately touch the item. When he does, i remove the item from his hand and tell him that he is not allowed to touch it or i will physically move him to another location. He will look at me and scream, obviously getting mad at me, for not letting him do what he wants. Now he does this also with poking. He will try to poke my husband’s eye, and he will tell him to stop but that only makes him want to poke even more. My mom says he doesn’t yet understand. I think he understands perfectly because when I see him holding something he shouldn’t be, i call his name and he immediately drops it and begins to crawl away as fast as he can. This tells me he understands he should not be touching the item. He is very stubborn and I can see his disobedience is already kicking in. Am I overreacting? Is my mom right? How do I teach him to obey?

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